List of Products under Mandatory Certification,
which shall bear the Philippine Standard (PS) or Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) mark:
Household appliances
a. Electric fans
b. Flat irons
c. Kitchen Machines (Blenders)
d. Microwave ovens
e. Refrigerators
f. Rice cookers, Airports and Coffee Ma kers
g. Audio and Video Products (lV and DC/VCD/DVD Players)
h. Toasters, Electric Stoves and Hot Plates
i. Washing Machines
j. Air Conditioners (EER)
Lamps and Lighting products
a. Pre-heat/Magnetic Ballasts
b. Electronic Ballasts
c. CFL/Self Ballasted Lamps
d. Christmas Lights/Lighting Chains
e. Fluorescent Lamps (Double-capped)
f. Fluorescent Lamps (Single-capped)
g. Fuse Holders
h. Incandescent Lamps/Bulbs
i. Lamp holders (Edison Screw)
j. Lamp and Starter Holders
k. Lamp Starters/Glow Starters
Mechanical/Building and Construction Materials
a. Black Iron (BI) and Galvanized Iron (GI) steel pipes
b. Portland Cement
c. Pozzolan Cement
d. Ceramic Tiles
e. Deformed Steel Bars
f. Equal-leg Angle Bars
g. Flat Glass
h. Polybutylene (PB) Pipes
i. Polyethylene (PE) pipes for potable water supply
j. Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) pipes for potable water supply
k. uPVC rigid Electrical Conduit
i. PVC-U Pipes for drain waste and vent
m. Plywood
n. Rerolled Steel Bars
o. Sanitary Wares
p. Steel Sheets for Roofing
q. Low-Carbon steel wires
r. Wire Nails
Chemical and Consumer Products
a. Brake Fluids
b. Portable Fire Extinguisher
c. Fireworks
d. Helmets and their visors
e. Inner tubes for pneumatic tires
f. Lead-Acid storage batteries
g. Lighters
h. LPG Cylinders (household)
i. Auto LPG/CNG retrofit systems
j. Matches
k. Medical grade oxygen
i. Monobloc chairs/stools
m. Safety belts (seat belts)
n. Safety glass for automotive application
o. Pneumatic tires
Wiring Devices, Wires and Cables
a. Circuit Breakers
b. Fuses
c. Plugs, socket-outlets and extension cords
d. PVC Electrical Tapes
e. Snap Switches
f. Knife Switches
g. PVC Flexible Cords
h. Wires and Cables
Shipping cost from China (by sea)
Estimated time of arrival 15-25 business days, excluding local delivery
Weight/size of product Normal goods by sea Special goods by sea
Product less than 1 CBM 9,500 PHP/CBM 12,900 PHP/CBM
Product equals 1 CBM 8,900 PHP/CBM 12,000 PHP/CBM
Product more than 3 CBM 8,500 PHP/CBM 11,500 PHP/CBM
*Minimum per shipment 1500 PHP
Delivery cost within the country
Customers can choose delivery service firms
J&T Express Rates (PHP)
0-3 155 190 200 220 230
4-5 305 370 400 440 450
6-10 801 867 899 927 1120
11-15 1,291 1,447 1,459 1,507 1,720
16-20 1,781 2,027 2,019 2,087 2,320
21-25 2,271 2,607 2,579 2,667 2,920
26-30 2,761 3,187 3,139 3,247 3,520
31-35 5,612 6,521 6,389 6,611 7,080
32-40 6,347 7,391 7,229 7,481 7,980
41-45 7,082 8,261 8,069 8,351 8,880
46-50 7,817 9,131 8,909 9,221 9,780
>100 KG Contact Us
Condition in using J&T Express service
Final weight for Own Packaging shipments is the actual weight (weighed in a scale) vs. Volume weight (dimensions of package), whichever is higher rounded up to the next whole number. To compute for the volume weight, use the following formula: Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm)/3500.
Condition is using J&T Express delivery
We accept products that weight no more than 50 kilograms.
Width+Length+Height added up no more than 280 cm.
Each side is no longer than 150 cm.