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Health care and exercise are still hit and hot trends even though COVID-19 makes outdoor exercise and group sports difficult. Here you go! SHIPIFY, we take all exercise activities at home to become cool ideas to import from China to Philippines for making money during this COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s check it out!


1 Yoga


When it comes to exercising at home, the number 1 activity in mind for ladies must be yoga which gains flexibility and strength to body development as we know that yoga is a way of practicing meditation and serves relaxation. At the same time, in 1688, the wholesale online website also provides various yoga imported products for you.


Import Yoga mat from China to Philippines:


Import yoga equipment from China to Philippines:


2 Dumbbell


Arm exercises with dumbbells are not only popular in men but also in favor of women. In 1688, it is available in many styles and sizes dumbbell, which can be imported from China to Philippines for selling as you want.


Import dumbbell from China to Philippines:


Import standard dumbbell set from China to Philippines:


Import weight lifting set from China to Philippines:


3 Hula hoop


In the past, we only knew hula hoops were just simple circles, but now the technology has evolved very far, hula hoops have also been combined by new technologies, there is installed with LED lights and using magnetism to create a new style of hula hoop. Such worthy shipping to sell at all!


Import hula hoop from China to Philippines:


Import magnetic hula hoop from China to Philippines:


Import LED hula hoop from China to Philippines:


4 Jump rope


Jump rope is not old anymore. Not only are various styles available for shipping, but it is also mixed by jumping countable calculation. This item is awesome!


Import jump rope from China to Philippines:


Import electronic jump rope from China to Philippines:


5 Sit-up


When we do sit-ups, we need someone to hold onto ankles, but this difficulty will be gone when there is a special helper, sit-up bar, a bar that holds ankles for more convenience during sit-ups to build abdominal muscles. It is an equipment that serve more convenience at a low price.


Import sit-up bar from China to Philippines:


Import sit-up bar with pull rope from China to Philippines:


6 Tennis


Who said tennis must always be played in pairs? You can now play tennis alone but not lonely because there is a tennis stand that helps you make the most of your swing. To play this, you just need a small space only. Also, racket on the online Chinese shipping websites has a bunch to choose from at a super low price.


Import tennis stand from China to Philippines:


Import racket from China to Philippines:


7 Dance games


The most popular old-school game from ten years ago that is still popular today is dance games, but now there is no need to go out to play in game stores or in malls. Just dance and exercise at home to get fun and sweat.


Import dance pad from China to Philippines:


8 Pole Dance


Sexy dance combines fitness training, yoga, and gymnastics together. They train flexibility, balance, and strength for good figures quite well. This imported product has the potential to hit the market!


Import pole dance cushion from China to Philippines:


Import dancing pole from China to Philippines:


9 Surf Skateboard


The hottest hits, imported products in 2021. There is no such thing as out of trend. Surf skate is popular with both children and adults who play around all over the city, causing the product to be out of stock for a while. This sport just needs a small space to surf. Not specified in gender and age. It is time to sell!


Import surf skateboard from China to Philippines:



That's all 9 interesting exercise activities with many imported products to import from China to the Philippines. Don’t wait for time and tide without shipping! 'SHIPIFY'


At 'SHIPIFY," we have professional services to help you to order and import products from China to the Philippines. We can recommend wide range of selections and options from 1688, Tmall, Taobao etc. Everything can be ordered easily and shipping status can be tracked 24 hours, including but not limited to collecting goods in China before importing to the Philippines to save your costs. Our professional team will be glad to assist you in finding products, verifying manufacturers credit trust, and tracking products from the manufacturers. These assistance will ensure that your goods will arrive safely, timely and profitably!


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