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'Products for the Elderly', a trend that is becoming hotter because of the changing social structure, making products in this category become more in demand in the market. Whether it is health care products, travel accessories, construction.on materials, or furniture for the elderly. They are all more popular. Let's take a look at what's interesting on the wholesale website like 1688. What are some interesting things to bring to the senior market? Come on!


Health care products for the elderly


01 Blood pressure monitor


Elderly people often have problems with blood pressure. A blood pressure monitor is elderly should have at home to check the blood pressure, also keep statistics on your doctor's visits to see if the elderly are in the process of needing treatment. Today's blood pressure monitor not only measures pressure but also keeps a record of statistics and sound telling the pressure value from the machine too.



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02 Hearing aids


Hearing problems often occur in the elderly. Hearing aids are therefore a good help to make the elderly hear things more clearly, also to prevent accidents that may be caused by hearing loss as well. Hearing aids that are sold on the 1688 website are in a variety of prices and styles to be shipped.



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Travel accessory for the elderly


03 Multi-purpose walking stick


Walking sticks with cool functions for easy traveling in both handlebars are adjustable. There is an additional buoyant aid added. The tip of the pole stick is designed to support body balance, plus a flashlight to illuminate in the dark, and foldable as well.



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04 Electric wheelchair


Technology has been applied to wheelchairs for greater comfort and convenience. Both electric remote control that simplifies the rough walkway becomes easier while traveling. The electric chair can be used as a bed, folded into the back of the car when you want to take grandparents on an outing.



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Construction materials and equipment for the elderly


05 Anti-slip handrail in the bathroom


This handrail helps supports the elderly while sitting up to flush. Compact, low-cost, comes with durable materials, folded up at all times when not in use. And its design looks much modern..



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06 Shower chair


Standing for a shower for the elderly is sometimes not very convenient. We recommend an assistive wall-mounted foldable chair. Fit for installation in the bathroom, so that grandparents can sit and shower comfortably. Come with a FREE shower lock. How easy to pick up and grab?



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07 Auto lamp


Ceiling light with motion detection. The lights will light up when people pass by. Suitable for installation in corridors or bathrooms, it helps to prevent accidents by walking at night for the elderly as well. Available to choose in both day light and warm light.



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08 Smart CCTV


Leaving the elderly at home alone can sometimes be a difficult situation. CCTV is another help that makes it possible to monitor the safety of the elderly at home at all times. Which technology now makes installing CCTV easy, there are wireless CCTV cameras that do not require complicated wiring. Just plug it in and you can turn it on, also control the camera rotation from a distance in real-time through the WIFI system, and also talk to the elderly at home through the surveillance cameras. On the web 1688, you can order this item at a low-cost price. Hurry up to order. Let's make a profit together!



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Furniture products for the elderly


09 Electric massager


Back pain and joint pain is a normal symptom of the elderly, no need to wait for a massage therapist. To please grandparents, SHIPIFY offers electric massagers that come with remote-controlled massage pads. Just put it on the back of the chair and sit back. The massager will work to relieve pain or you can adjust to use for neck massage, arm massage. Yes, this is extra convenient.



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10 Electric massage chair


If only the massager is not satisfied, we will recommend the electric massage chair. A helper for relaxing the body in every proportion at a good price. This convenient product is available at 1688. Electric massage chair with remote control. There is a speaker system to play relaxing music while massaging, easy to move, and a valuable price. It's worth shipping to sell!



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